PEISA aspires to be in a position to institutionalise a curriculum orientated, teacher focused, learner centred and school based approach in the area of Physical Education.

Curriculum orientated

The basic starting point of the Curriculum-Orientated Physical Education approach is the curriculum.

Teacher focused

The school or teacher sets the developmental and learning objectives of all Physical Education content in line with the objectives set out in the curriculum.

Learner centred

Curriculum Orientated Physical Education serves to:

(1) offer each pupil the possibility to broaden the foundation of physical abilities and capabilities, in order to develop their cognitive and emotive aspects;

(2) consolidate tendencies of systematically partaking in physical activities from an early age, within a pedagogical system, to transfer harmoniously the acquired tendencies towards adulthood; and

(3) offer educative physical activities orientated towards an establishment of an essential culture, with the aspiration to elevate the quality of life of each person.

School based

Schools are an ideal setting for teaching children how to adopt and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

To champion and be a means of advocacy on behalf of physical education and physical activity in South Africa, through active engagement, debate, knowledge sharing and skills development in the sectors responsible for the health and education of the nation;

To be a forum for the expression of opinions and cooperation on behalf of all physical educationalists in South Africa;

To evoke a set of guiding principles for the instruction of Physical Education;

To aid in the creation of a South African physical education system, which will be compatible with or above international standards;

To establish professional contact and relations with other related institutions; and

To provide physical educationalist with research based norms and objective standards for the implementation and assessment of curriculum Orientated Physical Education.

PEISA objectives are to:

Reinforce the instruction of Curriculum Orientated Physical Education in all schools;

Improve the quality of Physical Education by focusing on the PEISA mandate and delivery mechanisms, namely:

  • Advocacy and sector mobilisation campaigns;
  • Research;
  • Content development;
  • Capacity and skills development;
  • Support, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Impact assessment;

Be in a position to deliver and or create opportunities for all affected schools, learners and educators so as to access relevant support;

Endeavour for a South Africa, where all learners, of all abilities, in all schools, with an inclusionary approach to girls and children living with disabilities, will have increased their participation in high quality, well organised Curriculum Orientated Physical Education; and

Have learners who demonstrate improvements in identified life skills through participation in specified programmes.