Sportstec Grade R Lesson 1 (Preview)

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Physical Education

Recommended Resources

In addition to the standard resources for Life Skills you will need the following:

  • A range of logs, planks, tyres, balls, bean bags, wheel toys for learners to use during free play
  • Markers, jungle gym, obstacle course items, music

  • Walk and run in diffirent directions without bumping into each other
    Running on all fours
  • Running around two markers
  • Shuttle running between two markers
  • Non-locomotor, using senscs: proprioception, learners climb through hoops, making their bodies ‘tall, medium, and small’
Perceptual motor
  • Using senses: observing a simple obstacle oourse set up e.g. jumping, running, throwing, climbing. Leamers observe where they should go
  • Using sense of touch: run around and touch various objects on the playing field, walls, tree trunks, jungle gym frames, stones, etc. They experience the feel ofdifferent surfaces
  • Using sense of touch: blind-folded, learners find objects by touching such as bean bags, plastic skittles, ball, etc.
  • Jumping with feet together and on alternate feet
  • Using sense ofhearing: play hide-and-seek with a person hiding, ringing a bell so that the others can follow the sound
  • Using sense of hearing: play with objects that make sounds such as bottle tops put into a tin to make a sound or stringed around their  legs. Learners jump or move to a specific rhythm
  • Throwing and catching beanbags
  • Jungle gym – arm travelling while hanging with over-grasp
  • Jungle gym, climb up a ladder
  • Dodging games around skittles changing direction
  • Identify different ways of moving across balancing beams
  • Jungle gym – balance walking on lower balancing forms
  • Balancing on one foot in various games
Spatial orientation
  • Run in different directions without bumping into others using all available space
  • Different formations: circle, square, diamond
  • Jump over and move under obstacles, crawling, climbing, jumping, etc. . Jungle gym, crawling and weaving through the frames using different parts of the body
  • Activities using the non-dominant side of the body, i.e turn left/right; use L/R hand, etc.
  • Lying on the ground – sideways rolling left to right
Sports and games
  • Hide-and-seek.
  • Multi-sensory activities, play in water with various plastic objects.


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